In Canada, about one third of all academic staff in post-secondary institutions are hired on a per course or limited-term basis. They often receive inadequate compensation for only the teaching component of academic life.

Thousands of professors are denied the opportunity each year to participate in all aspects of academic work — scholarship, teaching and service to the community. This has serious implications not only for Contract Academic Staff, but for students, their regular academic staff colleagues, and the integrity of post-secondary institutions.

CAUT advocates for the fair treatment of all academic staff regardless of employment status, including compensation for research and service as part of any appointment on a pro-rata basis — that is, as a percentage of a regular professor’s appointment. Tenure and academic freedom, the ability to do research, teaching and service, the opportunity to participate fully in institutional governance, and fair compensation and good working conditions are things that all academic staff should enjoy so that they can offer the best post-secondary education possible.

CAUT is lending support to its American counterparts during walkout day and National Adjunct Action Week. Please join us by signing our message of solidarity and support Contract Academic Staff.

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