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Canada in the recent times has been one of the most talked about countries due to the stringent immigration policies of United States. As the newly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump is making the immigration policies harder and harder for the new immigrants in US, many residents and the global population around the world is now turning towards Canada. Canada over the past 10 years has seen a drastic rise in the immigration numbers due to its lenient and straight forward policies. Many students around the world aspire to study in world renowned universities in Canada to have a better future. Even though the immigration policies of Canada do look fairly simple, you will still need the assistance of an immigration lawyer Canada who can help you successfully file your application.

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Immigrating to Canada is seen as a golden opportunity for many people who want to start a brand new life ahead. There are many ways and programs through which you can immigrate to Canada. Some of the possible programs are as follows:

Student Permit and Visa: One of the most common ways that people and especially the talented students across t world come to Canada is by taking admission in one of the universities or colleges of Canada. By enrolling in the college/uni, you will be eligible to work 20 hours during your study term and 40 hours on holidays. Once education is complete, you can work and file for your residency in due time.

Work Permit: Another popular way people try to migrate to Canada is by applying a job and getting their work permits. Work permits allow you to work with any Canadian employer and after gaining enough Canadian working experience, you can apply for your permanent residency. The different kinds of work permits give you the liberty to pick and choose the specific type of employer.

Express Entry: One of the newest programs in the Canadian immigration system. The express entry program has helped many immigrants living in Canada and around the world get easy Canadian permanent residency. All you got to do is be have sufficient working experience and having Canadian education boosts your chances. With the new changes, it has helped a lot of students studying in Canada acquire their residency status in a much faster way.

Sponsorship: Many living individual residents who have acquired their residency status in Canada also call their families through the sponsorship program. By filling in all the required documents and providing proof that you have sufficient funds to support your family members, you can easily sponsor your family to Canada and get them their residency status.

These are some of the most common ways that people opt to migrate to Canada. You can always take the help of an established immigration lawyer who will guide you through the entire procedure and ensure that your application is filled successfully. Come and start a brand new career path in this great country of Canada. Read this immigration information for more help.

Different Programs for immigrating to Canada

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